Victory Column


Victory Column

Großer Stern, Berlin

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  •  5.0 Stars written by Margarida Afonso

    The Siegessaule (or Victory Column) is a symbol of the city. It is now in the center of a round about. The base has a museum presenting the history of the column and of other German monuments. You can climb to the top and have amazing views of the city. There is no lift so be ready to climb quite a few stairs (probably more than 250 steps). The views are worthwhile and the cost for the museum and climb is low. The bottom of the column is decorated all around with golden mosaic scenes from the founding of the Germain empire.

  •  5.0 Stars written by Gary Jelks

    Nice walk from the Brandenburg Gate. You can see it get bigger as you approach. Best way to reach the centre is via the short tunnel. There is a plaque depicting a story regarding some friezes in the tunnel which is worth a reqd. (No spoilers here). You can climb the stairs and view Berlin from the top. Good to see in the sunshine. Well worth the walk and not far from the zoo.

  •  5.0 Stars written by Jussi-Pekka V

    One of the best places visited during the weekend trip in Berlin. Really good value-for-money ratio and I was really surprised to find a exhibition about European monuments in the first floor and the history of Siegessäule. Climbing to the first platform is pretty easy and OK, but the highest stop requires a bit of an effort. The staircase is pretty steep and narrow. Entrance fee is 3 € for adults and 1,5€ for reduced fare. Price is really great and I would definitely recommend this place to everyone.

  •  5.0 Stars written by Amod Godbole

    Location: walk to there after the Brandenburg Tor and Reichstag building. It's a really long way but can be the most romantic or beautiful walk to have in Berlin. Enter through the underground tunnel and then you are in the center of the circle. The ticket price is 3 Euros so definitely a cheap ticket and what you get back is more than worth it. A nice walking museum before you start the 285 steps climb to the top. It's a spiraling staircase and be ready to use your legs and lift them. Strong calves and butt muscles guaranteed once you reach the top. The view from top is just amazing in winter and summer. Best to take panaroma. And also of the Brandenburg tor skyline. You stand right below the Angel once you are on the top

  •  5.0 Stars written by Sheena Bauming

    Omg! Breathtaking views if you wanna tackle the winding staircase with what feels like a million steps to the top. Absolutly gorgeous! She is a beauty when the sun hits her! I love that you can see the Victory Column while in the park or on the bus etc. You get little glimpses of her here and there.

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