Bim Zytglogge 3, Bern




  •  2.0 Stars written by Tom X

    The clock is being renovated with scaffolding and tarps covering much of the world famous features. Also, the movement on the hour is not impressive at the moment. If you are staying in Bern obviously you will want to walk by and admire it to the degree that you can. But I saw tour groups there with plenty of disappointed faces, so if you are about to pay for a day trip to Bern you should check the status of the clock renovations since it is the highlight of the tour.

  •  4.0 Stars written by r hoare

    Bern is famous for its bears and clock tower. A visit takes a couple of hours, but be prepared for walking. the clock tower performs best on the hour. There are many restaurants.

  •  5.0 Stars written by Attila Tényi

    Wonderfil clock tower. Well decorated.

  •  4.0 Stars written by Suzie Selman

    The 13the century clock is located in the old town of Bern. The bell rings at the hour and the statues start moving. Worth Seeing!

  •  5.0 Stars written by Alfredo Padilla

    If you are in Bern this is an obligatory stop point. Recommended


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